Doctoral Programme In Education (PH.D)

The Institute of Education (INSTED), IIUM offers a unique Ph.D Programme, which examines knowledge from an integrated Islamic perspective. It offers an array of courses taught by experienced academic staff trained in the Muslim World and the West. The University offers an Islamic and international environment conducive for research and learning.

Programme Description

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The main objectives of the Doctoral Degree in Education Programme are to produce professionals in education who understand the principles and theories of Islamic education and who are able to translate them through research, instruction and practice, thereby contributing to the improvement and advancement of education.

Entry Requirements


Academic Qualification:

1. A good Master of Education Degree or its equivalent recognized by the

    IIUM Senate.

2. Proof of English and/or Arabic Language proficiency, where relevant,

    should be submitted at least two months before the semester starts:

         i.  a TOEFL score of 550/ IELTS of band 6.0 or a score of 6.0 on IIUM

              administered English Placement Test (EPT).

         ii. a score of 7.0 on the IIUM administered Arabic Placement Test


Note: Applicants who have completed regular programmes of studies and graduated from universities that use English (or Arabic) as the medium of instruction in English (or Arabic) speaking countries or who has graduated from IIUM in a programme with English (or Arabic) as the medium of instruction are exempted from English (or Arabic) language requirement.

3. Satisfactory performance in the admission interview conducted by the

    Institute’s Postgraduate and Research Committee (IPRC).

4. Applicants who do not have Masters Degree in education will be required

    to take “special requirement courses” to compensate for the

    deficiency to be decided by the Institute’s Admission Committee and/or

    their supervisory committees.

5. The programme is open to both full and part time candidates.

6. Submission of a concept paper of 2000 – 3000 words as indication of

             intended research.