Executive and Diploma Programmes

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Executive and Diploma Programmes

Learn key skills from the experts through these executive programmes and supplement your academic accomplishments with these diploma programmes

Executive Programmes


Executive Diploma in Law

Executive Diploma in Islamic Law (Islamic Law)

Executive Diploma in Labor and Industrial Relations Law

Executive Diploma in Humanitarian Affairs

Executive Diploma in Petroleum Law

Economics & Management Sciences

Management Development Programme

Continuing Professional Education

Certificate in Healthcare Management

Architecture & Environmental Sciences

Executive Diploma in Museology

Executive Diploma in Assets & Facilities Management

Executive Diploma in Waste Management

Executive Diploma in Safety & Health 


International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

Novell Certified Linux Administration (NCLA)

Novell Certified Linus Professional (NLCP)

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

AAPM Project Management

HP OpenView Network Management

Open Source Development Tools


Data Mining

Physical Protective Security

Building & Facility Management

Critical Infrastructure Management

CCTV & Surveillance Systems


Teaching Methodology for Professionals (TMP)

Outcome-Based Assessment (OBA)

Kursus Pemupukan Kemahiran Literasi Kanak-Kanak

Bengkel Pengurusan Selepas Persaraan

Introduction to RASCH Measurement and WINSTEPS

Diploma Programmes


Diploma in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Diploma Kriminologi dan Keadilan Jenayah

Diploma in Shari’ah Law & Practice (DSLP)

Diploma in Shari’ah Law & Practice (DSLP) – Singapore

Diploma in Shari’ah Law & Practice (DSLP) – Hong Kong

Diploma in Law and Administration of Islamic Judiciary (DAIJ)

Diploma in Correctional Administration – licensed by Corrective Services Academy (CSA), Australia.