3rd Langkawi International Conference on Islamic Finance and Economics (LIFE3)

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Start Date:
7 Oct 2011
End Date:
31 Oct 2011
Berjaya Langkawi Beach and Spa Resort
Organized by:
Research Management Centre
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7 Oct 2011
31 Oct 2011
Asia/Kuala Lumpur



IIUM staff are invited to participate at the 3rd Langkawi International Conference on Islamic Finance and Economics (LIFE3) with the theme "Waqaf, Zakat, and Sadaqah as Community Empowerment and Strategies for the Economic Transformation of the Ummah". The conference will be held from 29th -31st October 2011 at Berjaya langkawi beach and Spa Resort. 

The conference objectives are 


I. To promote greater understanding of Islamic economics, banking and finance and to provide a suitable platform for disseminating critical thoughts from a wealth of experiences on Islamic economics, banking and finance;

II. To promote increased awareness of the framework for assessment and evaluation of the practical performance of contemporary Islamic banking and finance practices;

III. To discuss issues pertaining to legal and moral risk in contemporary Islamic banking and finance practices;

IV. Enhancing corporate governance through a reorientation of foundational tenets.

V. To correctly envision a workable framework of sustainable development as required by the maqasid;

VI. To lay down the guidelines for the formulation of fiscal, monetary, exchange rate, and commercial policies in the light of maqsid al-shariah for attaining sustainable development in Muslim countries;

VII. To create a proper understanding of the kind of fiscal (taxation, expenditure and debt) policy that the realization of the maqasid entails and to prepare case studies to evaluate the prevailing fiscal policies in Muslim countries;

VIII. To evaluate the prevalent Islamic financial system in the light of the maqasid and to suggest realistic measures for reforms with a view to realize the maqasid;

IX. To discuss the implications of the maqasid for the zakah and awqaf systems;

X. To demonstrate how monetary policy can be made effective in a system guided by maqsid al-shariah.


The conference brochure is avaiable here. Interested individual may get more information at http://www.life3.insaniah.edu.my .